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Upcoming Events at PDO Preschool

Mark your calendars for the following events. It is very important that you check your email consistently to stay up to date on these events for the remainder of the school year.

May 2: PDO Fun Day - Students wear/bring socks to school for a fun day on a bounce house. 

May 3/4: Pastries with Parents from 9:15-9:45. We are welcoming parents to join us for a morning at PDO. There will be NO CARLINE, all students will be walked into school from
8:45-9:00 at the back playground door. 

May 8-11: Transportation Week at PDO - students bring their bikes, scooters, or tricycles to PDO for the week. Students must be comfortable riding whatever item you bring for them. Please no new bikes!
Items will be dropped off Monday/Tuesday morning during car line drop off. 

May 17-18: Last days of PDO for the school year and Spring Program with PreK Graduation. Program begins at 6:30 pm. All students need to be in their classrooms by 6:15. The main entrance doors will open at 6:00.Students will only attend the program one day - you will be assigned a day to attend and if that day does not work you will send the form back to us. 



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