Children who are 15 months old and walking by August 1st may start this class in September.  Toddlers will learn by experiencing the environment through their senses, by physically moving, and through social interaction.



Children who are two years old by September 1st may start this class in September.  Climbers will learn through experiences which emphasize language, messy activity, creative movement and music.



Children who are three years old by September 1st and completely potty trained, may start this class in September.  Runners will expand their knowledge through a variant of experiences.  While building on previously learned material, they will enjoy more small motor activities.  Child-initiated, teacher-supported play gives the children experience in problem solving.



Children who are four years old by September 1st, may start this class in September.  The Pre-K children are exposed to experiences which combine ideas into more complex relations.  Children will enjoy both fine an gross motor play.  This class provides school readiness skills in preparation for Kindergarten.  Pre-K is also used for young 5’s waiting to go to Kindergarten when 6.


**Each classroom at PDO Preschool is designed to be child-centered.  Curriculum for Toddlers and Climbers deals with the child’s immediate experience of self, home, and family.  Runners and Pre-K curriculum are expanded to interest the children in the world outside their own.  These older two classes expose the children to developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of language, writing, math, and science.


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Days and Hours of Operation


PDO Preschool offers multiple options for parents:


One day program— Upon availability


Two day program— Monday & Wednesday, or Tuesday & Thursday.


Runners have a 3 day option.


Pre-K can enroll in up to 4 days.


All days are 9:00am-2:00pm

A Typical Day

A typical day at PDO Preschool might include the following:


-Free Play


-Minds in Motion


-Circle Time– songs, fingerplays, stories


-Creative Time– painting, drawing, creating


-Large Motor Play– inside or outside


-Manipulatives– puzzles, table games




-Rest Time


-Large Motor Play– inside or outside


-Readiness Skills– exposure to language, writing, science or math on the preschool level


-Free Play



Special Events


-Visit from the South Bend Symphony


-Visit from the Zoo


-Visit from the puppeteer


-Two-Three field trips


-Trip to the pumpkin patch


-Music four times a month

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